domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2006

Postal bank

Very interesting, there one postal bank customer and gets was stepped to that to the greetings nen yellow football sent and even already times by possibly nem soccer player! Madly! *jubel* those make next year completely beautiful for graduation for the football WM. And nen I also times ne appropriate customer greetings *grins*

It harms only that the football is not Volleyball, wär geil! And best then still ne Leipziger mix crew should hang to, which look for straight me as its new Angreiferin and find *träum* I must sport nevertheless make! And I want volleyballern! But I am always so shyly wenn's drum go into a new team coming. Perhaps I should take up nevertheless times the idea again to together-look for a lawyer crew. Finally our faculty has on ne football crew! I demand equal rights for Volleyball

Beautiful day still (one actually notices that I like smiley?)

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