jueves, 21 de diciembre de 2006

Only times briefly

Today have I no desire somehow to write, but briefly which I must nevertheless loose will: I was today first time in my life with the Kosmetik… and that was so mad!!! So relaxing… much too relaxing… since that I am very very tired and therefore become I now completely Friday-inadequately in the bed go.

Good night

here still two small Musiktipps:

La Tortura of Shakira & Alejandro Sanz
and Iceland von Iris

Mad Songs!!!

domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2006

Postal bank

Very interesting, there one postal bank customer and gets was stepped to that to the greetings nen yellow football sent and even already times by possibly nem soccer player! Madly! *jubel* those make next year completely beautiful for graduation for the football WM. And nen I also times ne appropriate customer greetings *grins*

It harms only that the football is not Volleyball, wär geil! And best then still ne Leipziger mix crew should hang to, which look for straight me as its new Angreiferin and find *träum* I must sport nevertheless make! And I want volleyballern! But I am always so shyly wenn's drum go into a new team coming. Perhaps I should take up nevertheless times the idea again to together-look for a lawyer crew. Finally our faculty has on ne football crew! I demand equal rights for Volleyball

Beautiful day still (one actually notices that I like smiley?)

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2006

Life near

That must I clean-set still fast here before I become finally tired:

A new law forum discovered (http://forum.jurathek.de), is times life near. There the people go, which think nich if it which to make and no lawyer to then afford want. For example is there a 29jähriger, which can be told of ner 15jährigen one hour long, it prefers which practices with the Sex and is then surprised that it wants to indicate it three weeks later because of sexual annoyance. Or classical fight victims… then the leather jacket of the aggressor to pay are… genuinly from the life seized etc.! There one knows again, for what one studies law!

Beautiful evening still

domingo, 12 de noviembre de 2006

Music for the of measure:)


today I open solemnly a new so-called “day”, i.e. the music day (not with the day confound thus now, speak simply “tääg” *grins*). I like music and I hear willingly very much of it.
At present moves music-direction-technically rather on the electronic rail. Have I from my treasure, is the DJ and so stuff. It shows me always beautiful new music, for example Seabound or iris, that calls we times Future Pop
Long-lasting phenomena are with me however for example R.E.M., Depeche mode and Björk. That hear I always times again gladly. I have also phases, where I Hip Hop also not at all likes one sees thus, I can myself not specify, does not want I!

So rather always have I mine small MP3-Player thereby. There always runs what I like at present particularly. For the moment it is very mixed equipped. There for example “crimps and is Tired” from Anastacia, goes to me for one year no longer out of the ear, which fetzt occasionally wirds then very chillig with titles of Conjure One, sowas ingenious have I yet not heard! At present I like even a little the Charts, which otherwise rather not the case is. On “by the monsoon” of Tokyo hotel at present each girl between 10 and 16 stands… and I *grins*

As special recommendation geb' I you times still “winter Comes” of Covenant on the way. Very very much geil!!!

Jop… I today with indirect complicity to concern had yourself *örks* so fast gets the first term fortunately gives it to law forums and people therein which the same housework as I write. Otherwise wär I on the indirect complicity come and would not at all have lost points

Now to luggage I times Klamotten, because I drive afterwards home to mummy, laundry wash *grins*

miércoles, 1 de noviembre de 2006



so slowly that runs here everything, makes happy me particularly makes happy me that the law student was here. Finally the idea inspired to my Blog by their side *grins*

Where I am already times with on the left of posts (unfortunately I cannot set a list here beautifully right to the side also left ), then Mach I nevertheless times still further.

But I do not only drive yourself there rum. Regular customer am I also in the Community www.schwarzes-leipzig.net. The name everything, but no fear, I does not say cricket small children! I am dear

Otherwise stop I me with mirror-on-line www.spiegel.de and T-Online www.t-online.de up to date.

Joar… as many for Schleichwerbung.

I was heut already somewhat productive. After the Genialität rode me last night, I today the first act complex in my housework solved and typed. Are missing still… MANY

But today gibt's instead of books nen lecker Cocktail. I let yourself from two nice young gentlemen implement

You still another beautiful evening, I become him have *grins*

miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2006

Choice choice choice

Good evening dear readers and out-mistake-here-landed

Monday evening, but if one has holidays, is somehow each evening directly. Doll productively was also today not I. A little unlawful detention however otherwise… naja. That becomes still. The weather is stop always still too warmly. There one buys a couch table I is about my new room in my new dwelling to be made pretty and slowly rather takes care of it to form and different ranges. That becomes times sends, wenn's is large.

Tja, otherwise turns at present everything around the lining up election to the Bundestag. Since all this interests me already much, look I also continuously any election campaign round of talks. And naturally I yesterday the large TV-duel between Mr. Schröder and Mrs. Dr. Merkel looked! Tja, my result looks differently, than that most Germans, if one believes the inquiries. I find, Angie very very well struck themselves! And Gerhard was already times better drauf. But actually one cannot compare the two directly. There one can do also apples and pears together. Yesterday one saw very beautifully the fight between clarity/facts/substantial and Wischi/Waschi/Guckt times like medientauglich I is. Became me today asking, what Mr. Schröder at facts brought, I could really say it nich. By Mrs. Merkel however I facts got, which remained hanging.
Otherwise the duel was somewhat long, one hour would fully have been enough! I think, with me after ner hour the concentration did not only issue myself.
All in all that was not a medium Event, more in addition. Greatly voter will not more have thereby imprisoned (naja, except perhaps those, which can be einlullen gladly and contents are all the same to which, main thing unser/e Kanzler/in can smile nice).

In addition I had to now omit with my Physiotherapeutin and with my treasure today already through-discussed myself.

Until soon

sábado, 7 de octubre de 2006

To do Nix

A beautiful good day,

it is Sunday afternoon and since I rose, has I nix other one made than sitting senselessly vorm computers. Madly!
I am at present so unproductive. Oh I sees, how my housework looks at me badly. It is to look nevertheless badly, I catch eh again, many more structured on this time. I have straight “introduction to legal learning” from Frotjof detention finished read and there to stand at the end of the many many sides good Tipps, as one makes oneself structured to ne drop solution. Thus Mach I that now times. And then write I the thing down. I have the nose fully!
Actually I wanted to do over again criminal law and industrial law in holidays still. That can which become. Actually I would have to sit each day six hours in the Bibo. But feel somehow I there at present so uneasy. Perhaps Naja… becomes the weather sometime times again more badly, then have I perhaps more drive.

Not to write Jop… more gibt's at all. Except perhaps still that I hear straight Coldplay and find that again and again beautiful
And this evening I become the chancellor duel clean-pull myself. Are very strained!

Until soon

jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2006

Courage to the gap

And already I did not answer two days. Oh Weia

But but gibt's now the full roar. I have in the forum of law world a 99-Fragen-Fragebogen discovered and directly answers. I love such things, where one can present oneself so beautifully. Naja and because ich's für's whole Internet public made there already, ich's… and schwups am you also simply here little thereby helped me somewhat to become acquainted with am more clever I can purely copy!

In addition Saturday is noon and I must the dishwasher eliminate.

Thus… becomes acquainted with me:

01) Name? polliiie…. sometimes also simply Anne
02) Asterisk? Lion *rroooaaarrrr*
03) Older? 22
04) Favourite meal? TC… perhaps spinach? And completely many sweet
05) Favourite film? öhm… One? Thousands!!! At dearest which also
Dancing and laughter and love
06) Favourite book? öhm… One? Thousands!!! I like John Grisham
Things gladly… and Kishon and so. And really so some
Text books
07) Cola or Pepsi? At present rather Pepsi
08) Coffee or dte? Dte!!! Black!
09) Beer or wine? If then beer.
10) Chocolate or Gummibärchen? Schokri *grins* however Gummibärchen
are also nich bad!
11) Examined one or university farbene socks? University.
12) First thought in the morning? Kuscheln!
13) Favourite sport (active)? Volleyball
14) Favourite sport (passive)? Football, swimming, Leichtathletik,
Ice art run
15) Morgenlerner or night owl? Starting from 18 o'clock am I err productively.
16) Favourite color? Lila one, black, blue, red
17) Lieblingsparfüm/eau de toilet? Tommy Girl and Temperamento of
Gabriela Sabatini
18) Dog or cat? Guinea pig!
19) Migration or on the balcony sit? Probably rather migration, but
not too far!!!
20) Or does sea save? Sea, Baltic Sea
21) Favourite language? English, and French fetzt also!
22) Favourite country? TC… Germany in some corners.
23) Favourite music? Across the vegetable garden! And actually can
I never decide. At present isses very electronically: Iris,
Seabound, wolf home, Covenant… oh and DEPECHE MODE!!!! In addition
then still Björk and the whole 80's!!! I love the 80's! And
Antonin Dvorcak.
24) Choice subject? Industrial law, because social right is obligation there with.
25) Where are you in 5 years? Wo's nen nice job gives either there or
at a university where I attain a doctorate and to small student which
26) Where would you be in 5 years gladly? TC… at the Leipziger university
27) Before - overhauls or still up-to-date? Absolutely up-to-date and
determined madly.
28) of 3 things for the lonely island? Schatzi, much water and
Sun cream
29) Ally Mc Beal or noble and Starck? Ally!!! and Nelle… fetzt!
30) On what are you proud? My Abi, my dwelling and my relationship
31) What would you change gladly? Germany!
32) WG or own dwelling? Dwelling… WG only with my friend.
33) Laundry dryer or laundry stand? Laundry stand, is more cheaply
34) Black-and-white or? definitely black
35) Favourite actor? TC…… Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise,
Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Shah Rukh Khan
36) Favourite actress? *grübel* Julia of style, Nicole Kidman
37) Cinema or television? Television
38) Chess or lady? Lady
39) Why law? No notion, with 12 said small Anne “I wants
Public prosecutor become! “(There I knew still nich as blöd
Criminal law is)
40) Ferris wheel or roller coaster? Nix! I hate roundabouts.
41) burned almonds or sugar cotton wool? Sugar cotton wool
42) Rumba or Salsa? Rumba… hrrr… the dance of the love!
43) Largest success experience? I have ne negotiation with the Moot Court
44) Largest defeat? However we have the Moot Court actually
nich won.
45) Summer or winter? Winter… Summer is so warmly.
46) Red wine or weisswein? Red and Rosé
47) Last read book? The God emperor of the desert planet of
Franc Herbert
48) Daily paper or weekly paper? Daily paper and the JuS *grins*
49) Daily topics or Heutejournal? ähm… those bring nevertheless that
50) Pizza or Pasta? Rather Pizza.
51) McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King!
52) Bicycle or car? Bicycle by conviction!
53) T-Shirt or Polo? T-Shirt, Polo Shirts see with women still
more stupidly out than with chap.
54) Single or brothers and sisters child? Individually grown up, but 2
Half brothers and sisters
55) House with garden or Penthouse dwelling? House with garden and
Guinea pig breed
56) Beach vacation or adventure vacation? Beach… definitely! There isses ´ also sometimes adventurously.
57) Camping or luxury hotel? Uiii… the question is heavily! But probably
rather camping in the Lusuxwohnwagen *grins*
58) City dwelling or country house? City dwelling and late houses to
Outskirts of a town
59) Spanish or French? French. sounds many more beautiful!
60) large or small Latinum? There gibt's still which between them, that
Latinum is called and is me!
61) Nokia or Siemens? Siemens, since years Razz
62) Merkel or Stoiber? Angie!!!! Razz
63) aufgestylt sporty casual or? That depends on the cause, in
Normal life rather Casual.
64) Number of skin/hair and care products in the daily employment? So
65) Without what couldn't you do absolutely? Mean treasure and
my family.
66) Which luxury did you afford last? *grübel* is
be enough ago… the new dwelling perhaps? And ne Physiotherapie.
67) Beer garden or in discotheque? Beer garden
68) Opera or theatre? Theatre
69) Cult hour in first or among us? Is the under us of RTL
meant? Then that!
70) Largest Macke? I can howl madly, with each little thing!
71) Most positive characteristic? TC… Üsch bün Lüb and have always in
open ear for others!
72) What stands under Hobbies in the personal record? Sport (Volleyball and
asiatic combat art), PC and new media, music
73) Master cook or frozen food Esser? Finished meal… or Schatzi
must cook.
74) Favourite fruit? Pineapple
75) Blödeste question so far? With the Latinum!
76) Best question so far? After the law motivation
77) Which question did you miss up to now? There I the overview
lost, probably miss I none.
78) Last vacation? Usedom, last week.
79) Next planned vacation? With mummy a few days into the resin in
80) Favourite city? Leipzig!!!
81) Lieblingspiel? Material or computers? Need For speed Underground.
82) Achievement courses in the Abi? English and Mathe… good choice!
83) Were voted out immediately… Art!!! Bio and physics
84) Largest fat cell so far? öhm… neee… no notion.
85) On many weddings you already danced? Still none, but
first comes into two weeks.
86) Life slogan? Either completely or not at all!
87) Answer to question in answer 77? Dishwasher or hand?
88) What could I still ask? My appearance did not become yet
inquires! Hair color, Statur, eyes etc.
89) Mad questionnaire or crazy questionnaire? Completely OK ONE.
90) Anke Engelke is actually mad…, but she should not
Condition UP Comedy make!
91) Anwort on question 88? Numbers… everywhere to numbers… I see only
still numbers!
92) Luck number? Do not have I.
93) How become do your children are called? Lena… and Paul… or so.
94) Are you superstitious? Sometimes… however nich really.
95) SPIDER in the room - strike immediately dead or save? Either glass
more drüber invert or equal vacuum cleaner.
96) How long did you use for this questionnaire? A half
Hour determines.
97) On how many asking did you give a lied answer? I
everything answered after best knowledge and certain.
98) What would you like to otherwise still communicate? My neck musculature is
totally struts and of it is me now schwindelig
99) And in addition? Was nicely with them to have talked

jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2006

The first entry

So… that is now thus the first post office in my own Blog
Times schaun, which here that becomes and like for a long time I remain to. I hope for me and you that I write in here many exciting things and thoughts from my everyday life.
Actually I wanted to go straight to bed, but now will I probably on the refinement in things layout and functions explore hanging to remain. That is not beautiful!!!
Until soon