sábado, 7 de octubre de 2006

To do Nix

A beautiful good day,

it is Sunday afternoon and since I rose, has I nix other one made than sitting senselessly vorm computers. Madly!
I am at present so unproductive. Oh I sees, how my housework looks at me badly. It is to look nevertheless badly, I catch eh again, many more structured on this time. I have straight “introduction to legal learning” from Frotjof detention finished read and there to stand at the end of the many many sides good Tipps, as one makes oneself structured to ne drop solution. Thus Mach I that now times. And then write I the thing down. I have the nose fully!
Actually I wanted to do over again criminal law and industrial law in holidays still. That can which become. Actually I would have to sit each day six hours in the Bibo. But feel somehow I there at present so uneasy. Perhaps Naja… becomes the weather sometime times again more badly, then have I perhaps more drive.

Not to write Jop… more gibt's at all. Except perhaps still that I hear straight Coldplay and find that again and again beautiful
And this evening I become the chancellor duel clean-pull myself. Are very strained!

Until soon

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