miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2006

Choice choice choice

Good evening dear readers and out-mistake-here-landed

Monday evening, but if one has holidays, is somehow each evening directly. Doll productively was also today not I. A little unlawful detention however otherwise… naja. That becomes still. The weather is stop always still too warmly. There one buys a couch table I is about my new room in my new dwelling to be made pretty and slowly rather takes care of it to form and different ranges. That becomes times sends, wenn's is large.

Tja, otherwise turns at present everything around the lining up election to the Bundestag. Since all this interests me already much, look I also continuously any election campaign round of talks. And naturally I yesterday the large TV-duel between Mr. Schröder and Mrs. Dr. Merkel looked! Tja, my result looks differently, than that most Germans, if one believes the inquiries. I find, Angie very very well struck themselves! And Gerhard was already times better drauf. But actually one cannot compare the two directly. There one can do also apples and pears together. Yesterday one saw very beautifully the fight between clarity/facts/substantial and Wischi/Waschi/Guckt times like medientauglich I is. Became me today asking, what Mr. Schröder at facts brought, I could really say it nich. By Mrs. Merkel however I facts got, which remained hanging.
Otherwise the duel was somewhat long, one hour would fully have been enough! I think, with me after ner hour the concentration did not only issue myself.
All in all that was not a medium Event, more in addition. Greatly voter will not more have thereby imprisoned (naja, except perhaps those, which can be einlullen gladly and contents are all the same to which, main thing unser/e Kanzler/in can smile nice).

In addition I had to now omit with my Physiotherapeutin and with my treasure today already through-discussed myself.

Until soon

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