domingo, 12 de noviembre de 2006

Music for the of measure:)


today I open solemnly a new so-called “day”, i.e. the music day (not with the day confound thus now, speak simply “tääg” *grins*). I like music and I hear willingly very much of it.
At present moves music-direction-technically rather on the electronic rail. Have I from my treasure, is the DJ and so stuff. It shows me always beautiful new music, for example Seabound or iris, that calls we times Future Pop
Long-lasting phenomena are with me however for example R.E.M., Depeche mode and Björk. That hear I always times again gladly. I have also phases, where I Hip Hop also not at all likes one sees thus, I can myself not specify, does not want I!

So rather always have I mine small MP3-Player thereby. There always runs what I like at present particularly. For the moment it is very mixed equipped. There for example “crimps and is Tired” from Anastacia, goes to me for one year no longer out of the ear, which fetzt occasionally wirds then very chillig with titles of Conjure One, sowas ingenious have I yet not heard! At present I like even a little the Charts, which otherwise rather not the case is. On “by the monsoon” of Tokyo hotel at present each girl between 10 and 16 stands… and I *grins*

As special recommendation geb' I you times still “winter Comes” of Covenant on the way. Very very much geil!!!

Jop… I today with indirect complicity to concern had yourself *örks* so fast gets the first term fortunately gives it to law forums and people therein which the same housework as I write. Otherwise wär I on the indirect complicity come and would not at all have lost points

Now to luggage I times Klamotten, because I drive afterwards home to mummy, laundry wash *grins*

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