domingo, 7 de enero de 2007

Longer nix written


I a few days nix wrote, because it gave to write somehow nix. In addition hardly someone seems to here past look, thus to which the few visitors with inconsequential one also still drive out?

The weekend was fast past. My mummy visited me in my new dwelling and me has I leckeren envied yesterday Kesselgulasch of a genuine Hungary eaten and in the evening has my treasure the leaking first noodle salad of the world made *bauchreib* one discovered again and again undreamt-of talents with its dearest ones

Uiii in the kitchen rumbles which… the bread baking automat, which I use for the all first time! Times look, which rauskommt there for weissbrot I believes, bread baking automats are completely beautifully ingenious Küchenhelferchen.

piepiepiep *klatschflasch* piepiepiep
On SAT1 Daniel Küblböck straight, he tells would have a relationship with girl swarm Alexander Klaws had… Jo is clearly! That prepared that already for weeks, because the CD sales do not run. Badly… the type is genuine mad! Looks you times exactly on if in the TV the muck told… the whole behavior… ERR! Poor soul…
piepiepiep *klatschflasch aus* piepiepiep

Yes, where was I? With the bread baking automat… one must the kneading heels rausnehmen sometime or is that all the same whether those in it remain? Gives determines merry castings in bread

To the Akupunktur… those I today over me be issued let, for the all first time. That is somehow amusingly… however is to help. And I do everything, so that my neck is no longer so strutted and me in the pear no longer schwindelig.

Too good lastly still to the current conditions of the housework: I 4 sides wrote, to two Takomplexe less! It becomes perhaps has I this evening still a little desire. The process fraud is to.

And too all-better lastly still or others music-tap

thus… on the one hand “Complacent” and “30KFT” of Assemblage 23 (electronic music of the all-finest! And 30KFT goes in such a way under the skin!)
… and on the other hand “Jetstream” of new order (of the new album, beautifully Poppig

Thus then it all… Until soon

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