sábado, 27 de enero de 2007

Is times customer-friendly!!!

Good evening

Which for one day, waked from a shock, gebeutelt mentally by day and in the evening nevertheless still another positive experience.

I was today in the building market and have a beautiful experience had… called myself customer friendliness! We were only with horn brook, we needed such footstep mats for stairs. From those which we did not want had those enough. … Thus we drove TC to the next building market (building house). There gab's so rather the same for nen euro more per mat. … We found TC blöd. But we landed in the correct shop. We said that we saw the same mats less for nen euro elsewhere (those could have tested that by telephone) and whether one there which make can. And see there… the building house people from the favourable price from horn brook again to 12% down went.

Hach competition and price fight is which fine, one must only times the mouth open!

Now the mats before itself stink. Bäh

TC… otherwise gibt's nix new… nich times nen music-tap… But perhaps someone has one from you.

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