miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2007


Boar me does all pain! The day began today with Physiotherapie. And the therapist set us to the goal that all muscles, which I in the supporting apparatus by wrong attitude diminish let, are mobilized and developed. TC… is connected with work (is nich badly, movement is good!) and with muscular strain… aua
The worst is that I load these those which can be developed all day long and muscles anyway already loaded by the rumsitzen at nem desk. But I know the housework nich in lie to write… or nevertheless?
The process fraud is by the way nearly finished

Otherwise muck weather and I are must with my hurting back afterwards in the shopping centre and me which to tighten to buy. And I do not know at all which. It may not too transparent, low-cut, briefly and knows its… it is for ne catholic church wedding. Madly… Naja… times look as long I hold out.
And then I am this evening still on ne party? Well that I must consider myself again with difficulty

More gibt's only times not….

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