martes, 27 de marzo de 2007

Bread and elections

So, Monday morning, the choice is so rather eaten… and the unbelievably mad leckere weissbrot that I baked last night also a little. Mad baking mixture! From Lidl *flüster* only cent costs 69, therefore one comes definitely more cheaply than with the baker. Then have I times the white bread program at the automat tried out *pling* and schwups came it mad, loose, leckeres weissbrot raus. Are inspired. Afterwards cheek I still another rye wheat and rye bread and hopes that becomes also better than the latter.

But now to the really important: The choice! Nee Nee Nee! I a sentence today read, which I found only and alone suitable: The choice people spoke, but it does not have ever so genuschelt…! Badly… the Gewurschtel, how there a decent government is with rumkommen? That can be done nevertheless only, if the whole politicians place and in the interest of Germany act times their own interests into the background. But they lose sight of this interest always completely fast, if it concerns posts. Badly. Naja, few is red-green sawed off. Now I hope 1. the fact that Dresden no stupidities make (however probably nix more seem to align to be able) and. the correct coalition together-finds itself 2, and those is in my opinion very much unrot

I found Schröders show best in the elephant round… to that had genuinly bad mood believe last night I. Whether so well truely? Hopefully many Dresdens have seen from some SPD voters already read that they are annoyed that they gave it their voice. It showed now times its true weight. I hab's always known

Now… today Physiotherapie and Akkupunktur are announced… and natural criminal law. Still a little process fraud and then I turn finally times to the godfather aunt, who lied simply before face. Outer Weia!!! One may not do that
And besides a choice ending runs after the other one… now…

Beautiful day still

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