viernes, 2 de febrero de 2007

Fixed and finished

Boar am I everything…
I all day long (naturally with interruptions) all possible in particular to the fraud and to the process fraud clean-pulled yourself. That was thereby that I the same approximately 5 times in others or the same words read, has I believes I equivalent still finely the fraud much learned that has thus its good. Now sleep I one night more drüber, let it sag and tomorrow can I freshly, merrily, freely drauf write loosely and finally times get straight whether the M and the P committed now nen process fraud or not. That becomes a good piece of work.

Now I am endlessly strutted in the neck. But I today used up by my house lady doctor times again a regulation for a Physiotherapie received and a date equivalent tomorrow got. There my neck is again eased. Blöderweise remains that just as for a long time loosely, until I sit again over books or vorm computers. Muck! Naja…

Before I am received to bed still, two music recommendations: I the whole time during the reading in the background Silke Bischoff run had (is no woman, but a chap with 'more ner geilen, gentle voice!) And of Silke Bischoff is my favourite song “Felix into the sky”. “Phoenix from the flames” of the album of the same name is not also badly and at all gives it so some good pieces of Silke Bischoff. I must say, music-technically am worthwhile myself it, times into the black scene too schnuppern. One must become nich equal Grufti

Thus love it… I are finished! Good night

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