domingo, 1 de abril de 2007

Transmission break

Perhaps for a few days it nix new to read to give here, except a few nice comments of a few nice visitors the power pack of my laptop gave finally the spirit up and must now I a few days wait, until the new arrives here. And there I on Schatzis computer to not constantly hang want, am I times few days a Internet Abstinent. It has the advantage that I could go times into the Bibo

Thus people… until soon

UPDATE: The power pack gave its spirit up somehow, it twitches still that not yet completely is well, there can I nevertheless still a little at the housework write. The arrangement stands!!! Yeah! That is good, because then one has slowly an overview of what one made and still make must. Madly! Times look, how long that takes part in the power pack. It goes out certainly again exactly if I which important write. But naja… I store always beautifully between on my disk *grins*

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