miércoles, 4 de abril de 2007

Assistance, I is not Fashion Victim!

To Neee Neee Neee… on the search for which blue one it is me times been noticeable that I want somehow always that, what for the moment so not at all “IN” is. I went in such a way through the shops and imagined: Can it be that there are only Klamotten in white, pink one and black? Nowhere which light blue. Badly.

In the final result I then nevertheless still another blouse in a branch of the chain found, with which I also the skirt bought. Accordingly the class fits the skirt! It is langärmelig, but naja… one cannot have everything. Thus the Klamotten problem is solved.

Only the gift problem remains. What does one give to a pair of weddings, which one does not know? I the cousin about my treasure, thus the bride, once in February saw, but with it did not talk. TC… But I have there a small idea. That is called unfortunately tomorrow again loose-puts into the city which does one not everything.

I open today a new “day”, i.e. the thing with the “mode”. There jammere I over the fact that I always do not lie in the trend and therefore never the Klamotten find which I straight wants. And I report of merry Fashion Victims, which are met me

Jo. Music-tap… Conjure One!!! Mad project, mad music. There I can equal the whole album “Conjure One” recommend, there is a song so geil as the other one

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