jueves, 5 de abril de 2007

Transmission break II

I wish a beautiful good morning!

As or other bent reader perhaps received, gab's here the whole weekend over nix new. I was with the Saxonian-Bavarian wedding… was rather good
Unfortunately it to read to give not really much here also until further notice (it is, it writes industriously comments ) my power pack gave on Friday then finally the spirit up and unfortunately is new not yet there I seat here as on coals at Schatzis computer. Because actually now really bräucht I the thing, I have only 3 weeks (naja, in the third week already again lectures are, there must I from the housework have freed itself) time up to the delivery Naja, now hope I that the post office rings today also times with me. I may not sit no more in Schatzis verrauchtem room, at the amusing keyboard (one notices that I am a laptop victim?)…

Thus… writes comments, I hope nevertheless finely, to weilen soon again among you


Oh… music-tap is today times with difficulty current! A while ago I it first time saw, the video to the new Depeche mode single “Precious”… mad song, beautiful video

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