lunes, 2 de abril de 2007

Excitements around a mobile phone

Beautiful good day… my new mobile phone now also always says to me I has itself a new gegönnt… because because of prolongation of a contract and cheaply and so… 9.50 euro sends out, a Samsung something sees… which it everything gives with such mobile phones. Camera is now kind of condition, in my opinion redundantly, because I have ne Digicam, which makes a thousand times better photos, but naja… nu have I also one in the mobile phone. And to telephone one can with the thing also!!!
Before I have me green yesterday annoyed because of my stupid contract. I have yourself nen tariff change aufquatschen to leave, the first calculation thereafter was 15 euro more expensively than my past. I found that blöd. Thus I wanted to change that, but the salesman (is not naturally that, which aufgequatscht me the change) already meant, is the most favorable variant for me. Naja, I observes still two months and can then always still change. I really the first month telephoned much, because we had still no fixed mains connection in the new dwelling. There is already which to.
In addition I finally times mine up student discount drew. Somehow. Thus to see through there none can do more. In former times was so simple, you had four tariffs, from that you one looked for yourself and well war's. however today… Tariff here me package there… Free minute package plus SMS package plus secondary map, weil's straight in the offer is etc.… Naja… times schaun wie's continues to go… with my new mobile phone has also I finally a folding mobile phone… in nem year is out the Dinger now, to bets? But which soll's. I go eh rarely with the trend.
Then do not have I today still a little between Klamotten gestöbert, which I want to tighten to the wedding, really pleases me. I now look for which ice-blue, I have a light blue T-Shirt, fit class the color of my new skirt. But it is too simple. A nice light blue blouse with halflong sleeves wär nicely, weather does not seem to become so bad. But naturally gibt's at present as well as nix light blue, only pink one, Pink and lila one. Is nicely, but blue fits better!

Naja… that had I times everything loose will. These things employ me, together with the perjury of the P, which I will bring now times to paper and/or into electronic writing.

Beautiful day still

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