martes, 3 de abril de 2007

Lame snail

Sometimes it gives itself situations in which I wishes faster to react to be able to be really to say in the correct moment the correct. But no, I say which, what does not come correctly more rüber and ne half minute occurs later to me, which I would have better to say or to do be able. Particularly badly for me as I was still single and on the search for Mr. Right was. If then times one addressed me, then I mostly nich that answered or done, what I would gladly have made.

Naja… in any case I had today again so a situation, at which I am annoyed a little. I was thus between loud Klamotten and stöberte before me. I have always a chain over, with a trailer to. The trailer shows a “Chaj”, the Hebrew character for lives. Suddenly did someone speak me at “apology, does speak it Hebrew?” … and I in my Tran only “no”… and schwups was that away. And I did not imagine only”… unfortunately " Mönsch… hätt I that that said, perhaps then he could have taught it to me. But I Trantüte wimmel unconsciously starting from like nen nervigen graduation Futzi. Condemned. Now thinks which I are one of the Ethno mode Tussis, which carry trailers, from which it no notion have which it for meaning. That has its reason that I carry this trailer. And I würd gladly many more deeply in this culture are drinne. And I würd so gladly Hebrew to speak can. But where one learns that? And where one learns to be?

Understand its which does I mean? Have you also such moments?

That I wanted to become still loose times. That gets off, if one alone at home is, because Schatzi already again on the way is

Beautiful evening still

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