jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Beautiful day

When I woke up this morning, I imagined: today you go into the zoo! It is holiday, madly beautiful weather and I lives in Leipzig and approx. 10 minutes of the nevertheless quite well-known Leipziger zoo. Thus I my Schatzi packed and naja… we were not not the only one, which came on this idea. Finally we have it us tricks us between thousands of humans to crimpings. Instead we made a beautiful walk in the adjacent small Wäldchen and to us the zoo from the rear regarded. A few giraffes and Zebras could one also from there erspähen, therefore we did not go out completely empty

Now it can become coldly and wet and eklig from me. I had my golden autumn, schlurfen by leaves and to be sprinkled from falling sheets…

Times look which I today still make. Bissl a university stuff, tomorrow geht's again early around six loosely. Hach… this week has only three days for me, Friday falls my only lecture out *grins* can it thus be borne.

Desires still another beautiful evening! (It it is half five and nevertheless dawns it outside, therefore the evening greeting, me is already like evening… blöde time conversion. But look times, ob's tomorrow morning is a little brighter as otherwise.)

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