jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

I look the straight large Pro7 dance tournament…

I look the straight large Pro7 dance tournament… hach… I find a dancing soooo beautifully I würd also gladly so beautiful and professionel to dance can. I envy tournament dancers.
I with my treasure a small dance course made. There we noticed that we both dance terribly gladly and also by nature well together. That fits somehow and makes for so naturally still many more fun. We wanted to look for each other nen dance association and participate on spreading haven level perhaps also in tournaments. But either the training times are blöd or that are priceless however I believe next term make we a course then nevertheless with the university sport, cost also somewhat more, because Schatzi is not a student, but are nevertheless still the most favorable variant.

Thus in any case is our large dream, our large longing and the absolute Fitnessprogramm with fun and Zusammensein factor

Now continue to look I

About dancing have I also music Tipps:

One can dance to the slow Walzer beautifully to “I Wonder Why” from Curtis Stigers, dance the Cha Cha Cha we to “Pata Pata” from Miriam Makeba learned and ours to “chains” from Tina arena we the dance of the love, the Rumba.

UPDATE: Oli P. and its Partnerin naturally won. Was clear, the chap was times German master in the tournament dance. A little unfair was that already opposite the unbefleckten Promis, because was clear before the first dance actually already, who wins. With the last dance, the Tango, me however the show of Lucy and partners has many more fallen… came there the Tango Feeling correctly more rüber. Love and hate *hrrrr* beautiful show.

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