jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Which everything happens in such a way…

An eventful day… and it is not yet times over. But I refund already times interim report thus…

1. I this morning a hairdresser date made yourself. Friday early is put hand, of the hairdresser in www.schwarzes-leipzig.net I am times strained there. Freshly combed I can write then Friday afternoon the criminal law examination…

2. … for which I today finally began to learn. Unfortunately at expense of my tax law lecture… however naja, have a good book

3. Then I was with English… nevertheless, please me the course as he am now. And I learn over international and European right, of which I pressed myself so finely the last terms. But I find somehow international right makes more fun, if one learns it on English, no notion why further has me the type, which asked me last week for my telephone number, today asked whether I am those, which in Australia was (because he was also there)… unfortunately was I never in Australia whether that me finds mad?

4. Afterwards started a industrial law Turorium, conversions its that I always learn Tuesday in the morning. The lecturer is somehow sweetly… Graduate student and shyly. And it was so excited that it tilted us after a half hour nearly. Glaringly… however I know that, if which for me it is too exciting and I relax then, relaxes my body so that it together-sags. From experience have I from the rear instructions told “windows to open”, “drinking”, “putting”. Naja… it has itself then again and did not fall down. Fortunately. He hopes now that we are despite this incident next time again thereby. Some over industrial law I also learned

5. Then I came home and the PC employed, which otherwise. And on www.mindermeinung.de I experienced a small surprise. It concerned the library guidance, which our Bibo boss for the Erstis makes. I meant, I at that time correctly did not watch out and process me today still from time to time in the Bibo (and that is only the lawyer Bibo!)… it offered to me there to make a single guidance with me *grins* is in addition, a nice, engaged Bibo leader. Perhaps nehm ich's even truely this offer. Although, naja, which I custom have I meanwhile discovered that, the remainder is not exciting soooo.

Jo… war's only times for today. I must go shopping afterwards with Schatzi, it is nix more there. And then I must dedicate the evening to the criminal law. And then is already again tomorrow morning around 6 and I must into the university where I nevertheless at present sooooooo is tired.

Beautiful day still

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