jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Sunday evening

It is times again Sunday evening and the weekend so well ran. If a beautiful weekend was, was at home with mummy and me spoil let. And I have with it viiiiiiel over my hair talk it become probably like on my picture in last contribution: Stages from the mouth to the shoulders and blond Strähnchen like always. Is simply which me best stands and pleases. Pony is beautiful and good, but rather ne mode feature and tick from me. I can aufpeppen my hair-style, without going directly into the other “extreme”. Jop, this decision is thus pleases. Became also time, if one dreams already for nights about it! Tomorrow Mach I nen themselves hairdresser date

Naturally I did not learn on weekend for the criminal law examination on Friday, what I would actually have had to do! But with the prospect Zeuch over theft and robbery and other Vermögensdelikte to learn to have one is little motivates Naja… Wednesday have I for example nearly completely freely. There power Learning is made
I made still English homework even. Finally I learn which over internationally Law… The German lecture in addition assured to me somehow not yet so, is it because of the lecturer or the time learns ich's stop on English… has also which

So… which Mach I with the started evening? I can already again sleep, I can lately times again only sleeping. Fortunately I know, with which is connected, but that is not intended for the public.

Thus then… beautiful evening still!

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