jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

I cannot decide: (

As so often I cannot decide straight in a thing. In such cases I weigh pros and cons of the individual options and decide then…

It concerns the topic for my seminar work. Today was preliminary discussion. When I registered myself in September for the seminar, I for the topic “achievements to illness after the European social right” announced, I imagined, that would be interesting and cannot not be so heavily. Last week was I then times in the Bibo and the literature recommendations durchgestöbert. Is nevertheless somehow everything complicated, I have so no notion of European right, weil's me not largely scratches. I Mach the seminar rather because of the social right.
Today then the preliminary discussion and I were by the topic list simply times in such a way let us look. And me the topic “prohibition of indirect sex discrimination jumped at one time in europ. Social right” in the eye and it did not release me. The bibliography was shorter and I believes I finds the topic nevertheless more interesting. I was then in the Bibo and a book exact in addition found. There I clean-read and all this seemed to me somehow more greibarer.

Which Mach I now? To the first topic I heaps of sides already nen copied nix read, all lubrication sheets will become probably however still (law student feel you addressed ). TC… I become change. Particularly since is so problem-free, because we are 3 people in the seminar.

… Helps to weigh written me thus times again. It helped, I is already so often written always letter and come to a solution of my problems. I am glad that I discovered for me.

But before I can start with the social right, I must learn only times beautifully industriously for criminal law. There still ne quantity is to be done. And all this best today. The half day is already again rum I sag's: My days bräuchten at least 30 hours.

Until later, in a learning break become I probably still a little which write

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