jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Heavy decision; -)

(sorry, I am today somehow in the write fever)

TC… I cannot decide, which magazine I would subscribe gladly times. I straight my small collection through-looked and tightened that I still louder small cream and making up and perfume samples drinne stick has. There it noticed to me that I have nevertheless twice as many Joys such as Jolies. But the Jolie Abo is many more attractive! There gibt's a three monthly Abo, with which from the price the third booklet is free. And with the yearly Abo gibt's ne thick premium in addition. While it gives with the Joy only a Jahresabo and no premium. But I have more Joys in the cabinet… should me to think give? Where nevertheless everywhere does the same drinne stand? I do not know it. Particularly since I also know that I want the next Joy in any case. TC… I have genuinly bekloppte problems I believe yourself is boringly. I should look for each other a small manual work hobby, attach or in such a way…

Naja… tomorrow is again stress

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