jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Music Tipps!

Since I for a long time none music-tap more from me gave, it should be today alike several, together with some thoughts about music

I straight mine MP3-Player with R.E.M. equipped. Good Songs of these ingenious volume is for example “orange Crush” or “bath Day” and naturally classical author like “Loosing my religion” (the woman in the video looks like my mummy as it was young, therefore I like the video so!), “Everybody Hurts” or “one on the Moon”. Oh gibt's so many mad songs of R.E.M., if I wanted to enumerate all, I was certainly forgotten there which. Not forgotten one may do however “imitation OF Life” and “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight”, then my personal opinion of the current album “Around the Sun” probably pleases me at the best “The of outsider” and “Around The Sun” and “Leaving New York”. The album I gave my Mum last year to the birthday, and drinne put two maps for the R.E.M. - Concert in Leipzig, in the middle of February this yearly. It was like that geil! And I had to give that simply my mA, because without her I would be at R.E.M. never rank-come. At all I owe it much that I like the music, which I like… at least partially.

… Which I rediscovered also straight again very much for me am music by “Silke Bischoff” and/or to have her itself in “18 of buzzer” renamed. I have here a few albums from at that time as it still Silke Bischoff called themselves. There my Lieblingssongs “Felix is into the Sky”, “like a feather/spring”, “down in the park” and “Into the Sea”. Of the newer albums of 18 of buzzer I unfortunately still nix heard.

If I had the money, I would buy sooooooooo many mad CDs! I like completely particularly Best OF albums. One could see as superficialness, I sees it real as concentration on that to property. And if an Best OF album pleases me from the rear to in front totally well, then purchase I me probably still different albums of the artist.
When probably does Björk times an Best OF album rausbringt? Wär times interesting! Actually I like its music very much, but I found the last album “Medulla” simply only nervig blöd and. I “Debut” and “Homogenic” sowas of high and down heard. So changeably artists can be.

Like that that was my small paper over music. Opinions in addition I read myself very gladly

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