jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Why is healthy so eklig?

Why is healthy so eklig? Am I to be lived condemned to it either unhealthily or only to be eaten ekliges things?

I in the focus read that Müsli and whole-meal bread are the “Brainfood” absolutely. Thus have I me Musli bought, can nich nevertheless be so eklig. The Schoko Müsli, which I had times, was lecker *g* that was however no Schokomüsli, but Multifrucht Müsli. And there many raisins drinne are *iiiiih* and more Nüsse, than I stand, I notice completely wie's already tingle/swarm. Naja in any case isses fully eklig things. But nourish I möch me nevertheless gladly healthy. And whether whole-meal bread is for breakfast the true, so that one is concentrated up to noon… Naja although… Thus according to focus is the optimal breakfast for a ernergiereichen day whole-meal bread with bilberries drauf and Müsli in addition. Ähm… My white bread cuts are not there so the Bringer. TC…

Over it I had to omit myself now times

Until later.

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