jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007


Boar I is as drawn up! I learn the straight particularly heavy robbery (§ 250 StGB for the Insider ) with his many possibilities and somehow must I after each second factual characteristic jump up and something different one make… for example senselessly on www.spiegel.de to rumlesen or write in here or on http://www.schwarzes-leipzig.net my pieces of favourite from the 80ern kund to do. Thus become nevertheless however never finished I. But so much is not it any more… only 251 and 252… naja however a little RKs and fundamental for the setting up should I again clean-pull itself. Och menno… I wants to write times ne correctly good examination is somehow intensively to learn, perhaps hilft's…

Further geht's

Edit: (one hour later) I do not know slow no more, but there is actually only 15 sides, but I cannot concentrate any longer correctly and my back on to hurt perhaps catch should I times a somewhat longer evening bread break make. And to still have I still tomorrow morning *gequält lächel*, the hairdresser date shifted.

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