jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

I the Medienstöckchen thrown got

I the Medienstöckchen thrown got, because she likes my Blog so
That means now for me: Questionnaires answer and clean-place here! Jaaaaaaaaaa… I loves sowas! And I become that the cause take around the whole other questionnaires, which I discovered in such a way with it, also directly to klauen *grins* mad! And I may do that, because I make now straight break and am finished with the theft

Thus… loosely geht's:

Which music instrument would you gladly be?
Perhaps TC… does not know… a guitar? But those has so a thick belly! Ah I know: I wär gladly a Synthi… then became my treasure all day long at me rumspielen

Your Lieblingscomic?
Do not know at all so many, but I würd say the “Peanuts” and from more recent time “Futurama”.

Your definite, absolute and kongeniale favourite volume?
Boar that is now however genuinly heavy, where I cannot so at all decide nevertheless straight with music. I say simply times Metallica.

Your first own record?
I do not know no more, but either “the cloud stone” or the Pittiplatsch plate… or stop various fairy tale plates. Is everything already so long ago.

Your favourite magazine?
The JuS… hehe… and between Joy and Jolie I always cannot decide.

Your dearest fictitious character?
Author T from my criminal law text book and Anton well-behaved the exemplary employee from the lectures of Professor Dr. Boemke and naturally the two guinea pigs which I so gladly to knuddeln would have

Your Lieblingsblog?
TC… I do not know at all so many however in any case must the Blog of the Jurstudentin be called here (www.rechtsreferendarin.de), because that was my entrance drug as it were. The Blog of betty1517 (see right) reads itself also always very beautifully

Your favourite music video?
Oh hectar… does not occur to me for the moment. But I know that there are videos, which I cause, because they are so mad. But for the moment have I no example. But I trag's after, as soon as it occurs to me.

Your momentary favourite word?

23 or 42?
23! Become I next year and it is the number of the Illuminaten before Dan Brown it with its blöden “Illuminati” - book for mode feature made

I hand by the way the Medienstöckchen at betty1517 and Mangomilch… times continue to look whether sie's catch

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