jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Woman magazines

I am a young woman of 22 years… I am the target group of various magazines named Joy, Jolie and like that. These magazines times so evenly easily between the books to put and in the streetcar read leave themselves. These magazines, which which and who is told to me straight in, as I best to which hair-style and where I make up harsh-come the unreasonably expensive make-up to it (or eyelid shade must cost 40 euro?)
Actually find intolerable and the make-ups too much and expensive I the fashion therein blöd and. And I do not come nevertheless each month auf's new this 1.50 or also times 1.60 to spend and me into a corpse world to read and look. Often do I consider whether I should not subscribe the magazine… however which? The Joy or the Jolie? In my cabinet it is located between both fifty fifty. Actually it is no matter, it stands eh in all the same in it.

I have the straight current Joy beside me. I have myself smartly made over the large pallet at memo moose against impure skin. Tomorrow go I loose and look which I of it add themselves, at present isses genuinly fies. Then I the fashion looked at yourself and stated that I must not have the 112 Must Have accessories really. I become alike with the help of this newspaper rausfinden, as my dear life must be real. Because I that yet do not know

Actually such magazines (up to some nevertheless useful making up collecting mains) are redundant. Sometimes but I succumb simply to gladly mine target group its

UPDATE: Now have I the Joy through. My dear life must be like that like it is. My Horoskop stands badly the next days. And I must absolutely have the next Joy! There mad winter make-ups are drinne *freu*

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