jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007


I believe, Tuesday am arduous. That is blöd. Before I make myself loose equal for logic lecture (today however really, the headache I already away-slept and with coffee away-drunk, Koffein really helps against headache!) write in I again briefly here. I had thus today again early raus. So that is not at all bad. Naja, from which one does not get first lecture yet really much also, but which was told to me in second, I still completely well then am white I on the search for new hair rubbers with H&M landed. The hair rubbers naturally I did not find (before a few years I there so mad cheap bought!), but nearly I would have had new trousers. Stupid way do not have I somehow the forms, which one needs for H&M trousers. Why does the federation have to always sit sooooo far down? That sees with me and my slim waist so bekloppt out. At all me no trousers, at the thigh, fit much too closely still one of me fits I becomes pure with soon which break in let must at the belly. One I wants nevertheless only black trousers, but no simple material trousers, but Cord or so Jeans material. But gibt's the no more. That is nevertheless all muck!

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