jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

CD *freu*

I have myself yesterday CD bought… “Playing the fishing rod”, the new album of Depeche mode. When I actually my last correct CD got yourself? That is laaaaaang ago. And it is not because of it that I suck myself each album illegaly über's Inet, Mach I not. It is because of impudent prices for everything which in disk form is… CDs, DVDs, Vinyl… which in former times 15 DM cost, receives you today for 15 euro. That impudent find I by the music industry. Those do not have to be surprised that none buys more CDs, can it to only carry out be able itself

Up to now klingt's completely well. Naja, the album here already with the release party in Leipzig heard. The party was grottig and expensive. The album I like however… believe I… must it few times to have still heard, then white I which Songs I dearest likes, or whether it is perhaps even one of the rare albums, which please me from the rear to in front. Stupid it is only that I can hear the CD oversize laptop only with a Program, which is on that CD drauf. Stupid copy protection. Now I can merge nich into my Playlists

A while ago I the baths and the kitchen finely wiped. I finery gladly, which is like sport and a reconciliation

Thus… times look which I today make still in such a way on this beautiful day.

I hope, it over all of clocks for changing thought.

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