jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Theft nervt: (

To Bäh I kann's no more do not see… this text book with the whole Vermögensdelikten drinne and the whole gel however over theft and particularly schwerden thief-stolen and and and… and tomorrow then still the robbery… neee… plöde examination. At least I a reason to logic to go thereby like had not determined I logic rather than criminal law…. Naja… it is useful nix. For today reicht's. I ess which small and Mach me then loosely to the box Aerobic. Abreact by sport… jawollja.

Otherwise loosely today… as I was not in the university arrived was always still dark it much. Perhaps that is frustrating! Tomorrow I can push fortunately nen beautiful calm. Naja… or also not… there is still the robbery… *narf*

I hear straight “Whatever” of iris… is beautifully

I long myself now already after the weekend… there can I in peace deseam and with Schnuppi in bed rumliegen and and and

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